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Record My Catch is the creation of three fishing-mad blokes who've been swapping tall (fishing) tales since the days when tadpoles first sparked an interest in the pastime. From the many years of intense discussion on the subject (predominantly in cosy country pubs!), the idea for Record My Catch evolved. The website is designed to perform two very simple roles:

1) It provides a personal database for fishermen -- a place to record catch details, including photographs

2) It serves as a public forum in which fishermen gain recognition from, and compete with, their peers throughout the country.

We're enthusiasts, not businessmen, so we'd love to hear your views, suggestions, general thoughts in order that we can develop the idea further.

Please note that we have considered offering prizes to the top fishermen on the leader boards but we're just not in a position to properly verify the information that's posted on the website and the credibility of this project among the leisure-fishing community is paramount.

Feel free to contact Kevin, Brendan and Dom at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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